Exploring the forgotten places

Wraiths Urban exploration

Bear with me. I’m rebuilding the site as time permits.

Some of the exploration write ups are live, others will be coming soon, and pictures will get added to all of them. Bad, low res pictures of course… but take a look around in the meantime, or don’t, I mean, I’m not telling you what to do.

Welcome to Wraiths, home of urban exploration in BC.

If you’ve ever wondered whats behind that closed door, this is the place for you. We go behind that door and explore the places you wondered about, and bring them to life here. 

Shut down asylums and hospitals, closed down prisons, secret tunnels, derelect ferries, abandoned mines, breweries, factories, even the one and only McBarge! If it looked interesting, we probably checked it out in our weird and goofy way.

This is the 5th distinct version of Wraiths. It has been two decades since the 1st version of Wraiths went live! Wow, time has flown by. 

BEWARE: Most of our photos are pretty old, back when we were rocking digital cams that were 1mp at best. So no beautiful high res images in most of the explorations. Oh, and taking pictures in dark places with weak ass cameras while avoiding security isn’t the recipe for artistic masterpieces.