Note: Media files have not been uploaded yet, but will be as time permits. So this is simply a listing of media appearances.

05/20/2005 CBC Nerve interview, with Jester and Viper (Wolfman as a silent partner and Kowalski as a cameraman)

03/06/2004 The Vancouver Sun newspaper. Very well written article detailing an excursion to Vancouver’s old Woodward’s building.

03/02/2004 Vancouver magazine interview/article. It’s on the cheesy side, but still not a bad article.

07/07/2003 The Peak, campus newspaper for Simon Fraser University, interviewed Jester about Urban exploration. A nice, well written article.

01/12/2003 Newspaper article from Canadian Press, picked up by numerous newspapers nationwide (published in the Vancouver Province Sunday Jan.12 edition) An interview that Jester, along with members of other UE groups across Canada, did.

01/03/2003 As seen on CTV news A story done by CTV’s Brent Gilbert, where he accompanied the Wraiths on a mission. Aired in BC on the Jan.03.2003 6pm news, then nationwide the following Sunday on the 11pm news.

Media Mentions

03/04/2004 99.3 the Fox (radio station) listed Wraiths on their geek of the week page as an interesting read.

09/09/2003 Wil Wheaton (actor from Star Trek the Next Generation, and movie Stand By Me amongst other things) posts about Wraiths on his website (Wil He’s an excellent writer, I recommend checking out his books.

03/21/2003 UEM had an article done, in which they mentioned the Wraiths. The article was in LaPresse, and is in French…