In cities all around the world, there are people that refuse to let themselves be herded about like the rest of the sheep. These people choose to step outside the norm, and venture places few would tread… Why ? Why not. Every urban explorer has his or her own reason for doing this…some like the rush of adrenaline, others seek to discover the unknown or catch a glimpse of the past, while a few just don’t like to be told “you can’t go in there”…

The Wraiths are…

A group of Urban Explorers based around Vancouver B.C. Canada.

Who hasn’t, at some time, wanted to go someplace that was “off limits” to the general public. Probably everyone, at least everyone with even the tiniest spark of curiosity in them. We could be your neighbor or co-worker, you just might not know it. Everyone has their secrets don’t they?

You’ll likely notice from our members page, that we do wear some outlandish gear. Camouflage is common (hell there’s even a Ninja suit). But it’s with reason. The Wraiths often end up in places that are still operational, true infiltrations. We get into places with video surveillance and security patrols. We’ll use whatever is going to help us to blend into the surroundings. That can mean anything from fully camouflaged to suits, ties, and briefcases. Whatever will work best for a particular exploration is what we’ll do. Of course, we still like to have fun and let our inner children out to play (which also explains the Ninja suit, camo gear, and two way radios does it not?).

Got Ethics… ?
Despite what we do, we do follow a certain code of ethics.

  • We do not destroy or damage the property.
  • We do not take anything (except for pictures, and the bumps and bruises one picks up doing this).
  • We don’t “tag” any of the places, we feel that falls under the category of damaging the property and will have no part of it.

Yes, we know that some laws may be broken in our pursuit of our pastime, but other than trespassing, we won’t be breaking any other laws. We do not break and enter. We have helped law enforcement on more than one occasion and would do so again.

Now Pay Attention People

We do not promote this hobby, not everyone is cut out for this type of thing. We have made this site to show you what you wouldn’t see otherwise. We do it so you won’t have to put yourself in danger, we do it for you. That said, we also believe it’s each person’s choice to or not to try such activities. We strongly suggest, anyone attempting such things, take the proper precautions and be well prepared. But we aren’t here to teach you how to do it either, so if you do decide to attempt this, do some research and make sure you can handle something easy before trying something more challenging.

What we’re saying is that we will in no way be held responsible for the actions of someone seeking to emulate what we do. If you are an adult, it’s your responsibility to govern your own wellbeing. And if you are a minor, you shouldn’t try this. You are responsible for your actions regardless, we are not, so don’t even try to say we are… If you injure yourself, get arrested, or die, it was your own fault.