Welcome to Wraiths.ca, home of urban exploration in BC. If you’ve ever wondered whats behind that closed door, this is the place for you. We go behind that door and explore the places you wondered about, and bring them to life here.

This is the 4th distinct version of Wraiths, time is short, but I will be repopulating the site with old content as well as new. Just be patient. It has been over a decade since the 1st version of Wraiths went live, wow, time has flown by.

Straight out the casket, rising up, open up your eyes, can’t you see me?
What the fuck is this madness
Pick up my bones,erase my name from off the tombstones
Alive and Kicking, Breathin the air
Call out my name punk and I’ll be there

’cause I’m back from the dead

~ House of Pain

Worries I had about information here being used for no good kept me from updating the site with anything new for quite some time. Once I decided that I would start posting items again, I also decided I’d like to give the entire site a bit of a revamp. Still the same general feel, but a little nicer.

This is a bigger job than it seemed, so it will be a work in progress. So while I can’t fully say we’re back up and running, I can say its in the works. I will work on getting old missions back up here in the new format, and squeeze in some updates as well, it will just take time and patience…

I’m proud (well, with the amount of time this has taken me, maybe not proud, how about “less ashamed”) to say that some mission write ups are up, and more will follow, along with the corresponding photos.

I never really left, but I’m still back ~ Jester